We are new opportunity in the Silesian IT industry. Once we have decided it’s time to create the workplace we dreamed of – we connected our experience of three co-founders and started DoIT Software. We believe in talents, intelligence and hard work in comfortable conditions. We work only on projects which are challenging us and help us to develop ourselves.

No playground at the office, no pretending we are all one big family – we want a good code to be done.

We are building a new team to work together in our office in Gliwice, which is based in the post-industrial area with good communication (public transport), free parking lot, but also close to the city center.



We benefit from the fact that we are a small company – we talk a lot, we solve problems on an ongoing basis.

We work on the projects, we are curious about.

We create interdisciplinary teams, which deliver good solutions. 



  • We start work between 8AM-10AM
  • We start the day with daily meeting, to sum up our progress
  • Once a week we have a longer meeting – for review and planning
  • We like working remotely from time to time, but not on regular basis.
  • We want every team to be interdisciplinary


Technologies and problems in the sphere of our interests include Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Neural networks, Microservices, IoT, Vehicle Routing Problem Algorithms, Data and processing optimizations

The tools we use are Visual Studio, XCode, Android Studio

Used programming languages .Net, .Net Core, C #, Python, Angular, JavaScript

The databases and big data technologies used are Cassandra, Druid, Spark, Redis, Kafka

We work in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS environments


 Our office location was one of the most important factors.

We wanted to have a cosy and comfortable place with good communication. We found a great office in Nowe Gliwice area – revitalized old mine building, with big free parking space.
It is very handy to get here by car, bus or bike, even for people not from Gliwice.

We arranged the office to be comfotable and well-being – as an open space with some separated rooms to have private meetings.
Ergonomic furniture and laptop for everyone is improtant to stay flexible.


We appreciate diversity and we look for novelties. We do not work on projects which are based on old technologies, we rather look for these which allow us to develop ourselves and try some new solutions. 

For now, we are pretty much focused on Big Data solutions and data analysis. 

We work with partners from Poland and from many other countries all around the world. 


We share the knowledge between ourselves on a daily basis, but we believe it is good to change perspective from time to time and to look for freshness in other places. That’s why every team member has a yearly budget for conferences/workshops and is free to choose some. 


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